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MoonLight Flavors

You and me, Silver

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Made with real Silver leaves

Measurements: 5 x 5 x 27 cm
Edition 1 copy
If you want to order your own unique home decor items or have your own remade, email me at:, and we can talk ideas!


Johanna is a female artist from Sweden

5th generation of Högardh & Son painting firm AB, established 1898

To read more about the family and the history, visit here:

About Us


This is a remade vintage item. By buying remade interior details, an item can extend the life to a new owner without having to be thrown away. We don’t need to use the resources of our planet unnecessarily, as we can reuse everything that has already been created. Cheaper, better, environmental, and you will be the only one having this unique item. You cannot find it in any store. If you want to order your own unique piece or want to have your item remade, contact me at: and we can discuss ideas!

You find photos of the item before J-Högardh Art&Design remade it in the back


When buying exclusive decor items of J-Högardh Art&Design, personal contact through email will occur due to shipping, etc, to make the piece come to your home in the safest and most convenient way

Shipping time will differ

Shipped by J-Högardh Art&Design in Sweden

For more specific details, please contact:

Find shipping policy here:

Shipping policy

Return & refund policy

Return & Refund

If you change your mind or don't want the piece anymore, unfortunately, J-Högardh Art&Design does not offer returns or refunds, thanks for understanding

If there’s something wrong with your order, please let Johanna know by contacting her at:

Refunds are only offered to customers that receive damaged items. If this applies, please contact Johanna at: with photos of the damaged item, and she'll sort that out for you in the best way

Reuse material

Let's give vintage items a new chance and home. With a touch up and total new coat, it is like new. And the best part, is that you will be the absolute only one having it!

The environment will thank you