Shipping and returns/refunds

Delivery and cancellation
Orders received on Monday to Thursday will be processed the same or next day, for delivery within 5 working days within Sweden. Orders received on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be processed the following Monday.
Other shipping times will depend on the final destination. We will send the order out from delivering as fast we can.
Delivery is by post/ freight forwarding / e-mail. Delivery of ordered service according to order.
In cases where the customer considers that delivery is delayed in such a way that he no longer desires delivery of an order, it is the customer's responsibility to contact MoonLight Flavors to ask for cancellation. Cancellation after the order has been dispatched is not possible. In cases where the order has been dispatched, the customer is obliged to receive the order.
Cancellation of a product or service that is purchased or completed specifically for the customer is not possible.
Responsibility for errors
Scandinavian Herbs AB's liability for errors in delivery is limited to applicable sales terms Scandinavian Herbs AB bears no direct or indirect responsibility for, for example, but not limited to, incompatibility, delays in delivery, interruptions, data loss, extra work or other financial damage.
Terms of complaint and right of withdrawal
Scandinavian Herbs AB sells all products with a 100% repurchase guarantee. If the products do not meet your requirements or if for any reason you are not satisfied with the content, please contact us or Scandinavian Herbs for any information, exchange for another product or to get the money back. This warranty is valid for an unlimited period, if not best before the date has passed, and at least half the contents of the product must remain. The container must not be damaged. You as a customer are responsible for the return shipping.
NOTE! Always contact us at MoonLight Flavors before returning an order.
It is advisable for the customer arrival control to check the delivery to verify that it is correct and error free. If a complaint is made, the customer should contact us at and state the order ID and the reason for the complaint. When complaining of goods, the customer must request a complaint form.
In all cases when a product is returned to Scandinavian Herbs AB, the customer must first have received a complaint form. Defective products returned to Scandinavian Herbs AB should be treated as if they were defective. In all types of returns it is extremely important that the product is packaged in such a way that it does not risk being damaged.
Private consumers have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days according to the distance contract law. The right of withdrawal applies according to the law only if the product and its original packaging can be returned in substantially unchanged condition. The product must not be used. If the consumer wishes to exercise her right of withdrawal, she must contact us at for a complaint form. The return shipping is financed by the consumer.
Products specially made for a specific customer do not apply to exchange rights, open purchase or right of withdrawal.
If an item is damaged in transport, MoonLight Flavors must be contacted within five days for information on compensation.
Unsolved shipping
For shipping that is not redeemed and the package returns to Scandinavian Herbs AB, a fee of SEK 250 + VAT will be charged to cover Scandinavian Herbs AB costs for transport and administration.
Transport damaged goods
If a product from Scandinavian Herbs AB is damaged in transport, regardless of whether the damage is clearly visible or hidden, this must be reported immediately to the freight forwarder (usually, DHL +46 (0)771-345345) but within 7 days.